PRE-NATAL Classes.-The joints and muscles undergo several changes in the months leading up to as well as after the birth of your baby.

  • Every pregnancy is unique and therefore your program during pregnancy needs to be tailored specifically to you and specifically to your stage of pregnancy.

    We therefore offer pilates tuition during pregnancy via private lessons to ensure you achieve the results that you want and be as prepared as possible for childbirth and motherhood.
    These 60 minute sessions will focus on strengthening the spine, pelvic floor, shoulder girdle and leg muscles whilst allowing you to retain the best possible posture.

POST NATAL Classes-Just as your baby is learning the joys of life it is probably time to find a little time for yourself

  • Our 60 minute classes focus on strengthening, lengthening and toning the muscle structure of the entire body with emphasis on regaining abdominal strength and control of the pelvic floor area.

    We will also focus on shoulder and postural issues that can arise from breastfeeding positions so that you feel stronger and more flexible when you pick up your little one after a long day.
    Post-natally, we recommend at least an initial private consultation to assess your body, and advise you when you will be ready to return to classes. Most often, if desired, you can return to a matclass between 6-12 weeks postnatally.