PRIVATES. Learn your body like never before.

  • The most effective way to focus on your individual needs, injuries or chronic concerns is through Personal Pilates Sessions.

    Personal sessions are an ideal way to experience challenges with detailed supervision which in turn, will accelerate your progress to a deeper, more advanced level safely. Whether as a part of your GENERAL TRAINING PROGRAM or PERIODIC TUNE-UPS, personal sessions will help you reach your fitness potential faster.
    In a private session, your instructor may use a variety of Pilates apparatus including reformer, cadillac, chair, barrels, mat, etc., to provide the most appropriate exercises for your body and goals.

Private sessions are ideal for Injury Rehabilitation Athletes, Pregnancy and Post Natal Targeted Results, New to Pilates providing an introduction to the various method and apparatus.

Every class lasts for 60 minutes and can be arranged at a mutually convenient time to you and the instructor

Classes can be paid for on the day or a reduction in the full price is given if 10 lessons are booked in advance.

DUETS. Customized Pilates Workout For Two!

  • Like a Private Session, the Pilates Duet session is designed similarly but includes the fun of sharing it with a friend, partner or co-worker of similar physical ability

    Working out with a partner is more motivating

With Pilates Duet Sessions you save money but still receive individualized attention from a Pilates instructor.

Be sure to partner with a committed friend. If they cancel or can’t make it, you have to cancel too or pay the cost of a Private Session.