Instructor / Studio Owner

Kleri is a dentist, mother of two and a certified Power Pilates Instructor. 

A serious injury on her back let her out of any kind of fitness and workout generally.

That is how she discovered Pilates method. She first readed about it in 1998 and started practicing it, later, in 2002.

That is when she started rehabilitating and decided to become a teacher herself, following the Pilates training of Power Pilates.

From that point she started teaching Pilates professionaly, trying to help others with similar defisiances.

I believe that Pilates method is the path that leads us to a deeper knowledge of our body,to our equilibrium and harmony.

Through Pilates method we can bridge the gap between mind and body, that exists when we are not concentrate while working out.”

With Stella Habaz, she founded in 2005 San Tsai Pilates Studio.

She has taken part in many workshops, where she had the opportunity to learn from great pilates instructors, internationally known,

like Bob Likens, Rael Isacowitz, Alan Herdman, Karen Clippinger, Elizabth Larkam and more.