marilena2In 2010 she discovered the pilates method.

After 4 years of regular practice with a teacher of the Classical Pilates Studio Corpus Ray,she decided to become a pilates instructor.

In 2015 she completed her training in
Comprehensive education program in Corpus Ray and has been certified as a Power Pilates Teacher.

In 2014 she attended a seminar, directed by the Pilates Instructor Eleftheria Rizos, at the Association for people with Multiple Sclerosis. In 2015, she volunteered as a Pilates Instructor in the Multiple Sclerosis Association.

She attended many seminars specializing in pilates, with instructors Lee Morgan, Katherine Tsebelis, Anestis Sinoplis and many pre and post natal seminars for women who want have pilates before or during pregnancy.

Since 2015 she is working professionally with Studio Corpus Ray. Moreover she is collaborating professionally with the Studio Pilates San Tsai.



Elena has graduated from from Faculty of Physical Education and Sport Science of the University of Athens, specializing in “Classic Sports”.

She was a member of the Hellenic Athletics Federation with participations in European, Balkan, Tri-State and Panhellenic Games and was a Greek and Balkan champion at 400 meters.

She is mother of two.

She is a Certified pilates Instructor from Power Pilates New York with 800 hours of practical training.

She has been teaching pilates from 2005 until now, in cooperation with many pilates studios in Athens.



ioulia3Ioulia,mother of two, is a certified Balanced Body Pilates Instructor.

She is a gratuate of Greek National School of Dance with a master in New York, United States.

She has worked for the American College Greece (Deree) as a dance teacher and choreographer.

She has taken part in many dance performances in Greece and in New York.

In 2010 she took teacher training certificate in Pilates method from Balanced Body University.

Through my Pilates training i learned deeper the human body, while focusing in breathing

and learning how to use my core as a dynamic center which is the key to a more efficient,

elastic and balanced movement. Good teaching of the Pilates, is for me, a new goal after dancing,

in order to motivate and inspire my students to learn new methods and to feel better with themselves.


Kleri is a dentist, mother of two and a certified Power Pilates Instructor. 

A serious injury on her back let her out of any kind of fitness and workout generally.

That is how she discovered Pilates method. She first readed about it in 1998 and started practicing it, later, in 2002.

That is when she started rehabilitating and decided to become a teacher herself, following the Pilates training of Power Pilates.

From that point she started teaching Pilates professionaly, trying to help others with similar defisiances.

I believe that Pilates method is the path that leads us to a deeper knowledge of our body,to our equilibrium and harmony.

Through Pilates method we can bridge the gap between mind and body, that exists when we are not concentrate while working out.”

With Stella Habaz, she founded in 2005 San Tsai Pilates Studio.

She has taken part in many workshops, where she had the opportunity to learn from great pilates instructors, internationally known,

like Bob Likens, Rael Isacowitz, Alan Herdman, Karen Clippinger, Elizabth Larkam and more.


nefeli2Nefeli is mother of two, born in 1978.
She is a dancer certified the Morianova-Trasta Higher Professional Dance School.
In 2006 she finished her education as Pilates Instructor in Corpus Ray Studio, after completing 600 hours of pilates practice, and was certified by Power Pilates New York.
Since then she has been cooperating with dance schools and certified Pilates centers, while continuing her education by taking part in many seminars.